Discover the Primal Secret to Beat Any Attacker - even Multiple Attackers, Rioters, Looters and Home Invaders!
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Newly Discovered Program Reveals How To Beat Street
Thugs, Terrorists, or an MMA Punk in seconds – No
Matter How Big, Strong, or Scary they are, or how many
people they’ve KILLED, or How Long Their Rap Sheet is!

In just a Few Minutes a Day you can learn to Fight
Better than a Bad-Ass Black Belt or a Hardened Street Cop…
and I can prove it to you!

Dear Friend,

Listen up. Let’s throw all the Sports, Politics, Tradition and B.S. out the window and get REAL, okay?

When you are attacked by a bloodthirsty thug, there’s no time to argue about the latest training fads, style, footwork, or Grandmaster so-and-so.Your Attacker doesn’t give a sh– about what your style is or who you’ve trained with. His only interest is to…

Injure, Maim, or KILL YOU


And, your attacker probably does NOT have a Black Belt – but he has MORE experience beating people to a bloody pulp than all the Black Belt’s you’ve ever met – combined!

If you have earned a legitimate Black Belt, or if you study traditional Martial Arts and Self-Defense, please do NOT be offended at that statement.

It’s the cold, hard truth, and somebody has to say it!

Seriously: What Good Is A Black Belt?

Sure, I love Martial Arts and Self Defense as much as the next guy. There all kinds of benifits – fitness, health, confidence, and yes, self-defense.

But what MOST Dojo’s and fad trainers out there are teaching today could get you KILLED in a real street fight!

Miyamoto Musashi, Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali & Mike Tyson… some of the greatest warriors in history … did NOT have a Black Belt.

What did they have that made them so different, so deadly and effective?

Training only counts for a small part of it, because the major factor is that they had the KILLER INSTINCT of PRIMAL Fighting Power. The same goes for the hardcore street thug, ravenous rioter or meth addict who quickly becomes your worst nightmare.

“Why can a Hardened Street Thug, who has never
studied or trained in Martial Arts and Self-Defense,
destroy grown, strong men with his bare hands?”

Here’s Why:

The hardened street thug has used instinctive (primal) violence for most of his life.

Maybe to survive beatings from his alcoholic father, bullies and neighborhood thugs and drug pushers.

He may’ve spent years of his life in jail fighting off aggressive fellow prisoners, and the other half of his life he’s used on the street to feed his drug habit, etc…

… in other words, he uses primal violence to survive and get what he wants!

It’s how the world has always been, and always will be.

Since the Dawn of Time, Men Have Been Killing Men

Cain Killed Abel (if Abel knew this, history would have told a very different story!)

Men have killed each other with rocks, sticks, spears, their bare hands, rope, knives, swords, guns, poison, broken glass and even chocking them to death with shoe-string.

From History right up to this very minute, the Nature of Man Has Not Changed!

He is a VIOLENT Animal, Prone to Attack YOU

That’s why you need to know Primal Fighting, so you can stop ANY Attacker Dead Cold with Brutal Efficiency!”

Listen. The Best Fighters in History right through to modern street-killers did NOT have a Black Belt… they had the “PRIMAL” KILLER INSTINCT.

This is the same reason that Terrorism has grown since 9/11. It’s an absolute fact.


Because they are increasingly, aggressively, Primally VIOLENT.

If you don’t have this same primal instinct and knowledge of
violence, you are walking around with a target on your head
that sends every thug, terrorist, rapist and criminal
one message: VICTIM.

There’s only one way you’ll have a chance to survive an attacker like this: KNOW WHAT HE KNOWS.

And there’s only one way to BEAT an attacker like this: KNOW MORE ABOUT DEVASTATION THAN HE KNOWS.

And right now, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn what he knows, and MORE about Devastation than he could ever learn.

Here’s How!

For the first time ever, two world-recognized leaders in Martial Arts and Combatives have developed a Scientific Training Program that develops your PRIMAL Killer Instinct and Fighting Tactics at LIGHTNING-SPEED!

For one reason: YOUR SURVIVAL.

You can’t find a better program to learn Primal Fighting, or from more qualified instructors.

Listen. This new program was the result of a recent discovery by Russell Stutely, the world’s #1 Pressure Points Authority.Russell is a world-recognized Martial Arts Master, elite fighter, and author.

His Instructional DVDs have won him the Martial Arts Instructional DVD of the Year Award from SENI – Europe’s largest Martial Arts Trade Show. And he’s an inductee in BOTH the Combat Hall of Fame and the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Russell is also the Founder and Head Instructor of the Open Circle Fighting Method – one of the most elite and advanced Combatives Training Groups in existence today.

Some of Russell’s first videos were recorded in the late 90s and were so brutal and violently effective, the producers were afraid to release them to the general public. They gave the rights and master tapes back to Russell where they sat in a box and were all but forgotten for many years.

Recently, Russell moved the OCFM Headquarters from the Philippines to Cambodia, and an old box from a storage unit was discovered with these long-lost tapes. Russell reviewed them and realized it was some of his most powerful and effective work ever recorded!

These private videos Showed a Style of Fighting That Was
“Instinctive” and BEYOND “Technique” – it was PRIMAL
FIGHTING – the Most Effective and Easy Way to Win a Fight!

Russell asked his long-time associate and colleague Scott Bolan, the OCFM Ambassodor for North America, to review the tapes and add 4 DVDs and a CD to complete the set, including…

LETHAL STRIKES (all the killing moves)

KILLER INSTINCT DEVELOPMENT (One of the most important aspects of Self-Preservation. Scott is world-recognized authority on the subject and is known as the “Mental Warfare Master”)

HAND-TO-WEAPON (nasty secrets of stick, knife and gun self-defense)

With over 35 years in the Martial Arts, Scott Bolan has applied his expertise to authoring over 40 popular DVD training programs (of which many are bestsellers) and developing Custom Personal Training and Seminars which focus on peak performance and ending violence quickly with maximum effectiveness. His teachings have earned him raving testimonials from Martial Artists, Law Enforcement, Military, Athletes and Instructors from around the world, and an induction into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame “Hall of Heroes”

I could write an entire book on these guys, but here’s the bottom line: These are the elite “go-to” guys for many instructors, law enforcement, agents and soldiers, and, regular guys like YOU who don’t have time to go to Navy SEAL bootcamp or spend 3 years on a mountain-top and thousands of bucks to get trained.

The LAST thing want to do is “Box it out” with a Bigger, Stronger, more experienced Attacker.

And you do NOT want to “go to the ground” with one of these new breed of MMA punks!

You need to know how to End It Quickly.

And the only way to do that is with 3 components:

1) Killer Instinct

2) Primal Fighting Power

3) Brutally Devastating Pressure Point Tactics

In this all-new program that no one has anywhere else, you will get step-by-step instruction in all three!

That way, you’ll never have to worry if you can handle yourself in a violent altercation. You’ll know just what to do, and how to do it.

But I must warn you: this is NOT “civilized” – if you’re looking for meek self-defense, martial arts competitive sport, trendy tactics, gentleman’s boxing, or schoolyard bully-busting, this is not for you.

This is only for Warriors who want to be prepared and prevail in a kill-or-be-killed life-or-death situation.

Personally, with violence increasing every day around the world, I think it’s highly irresponsible for any real man NOT to be prepared for such an attack!

Whatever the forces of darkness may throw your way, you can now learn to Instinctively and
Savagely knock out ANY attacker with PRIMAL Fighting Secrets. You’ll quickly learn how to…

Knock him back to the stone-age with PRIMAL
Pressure Point KNOCKOUTS!

These are New, and you will be among only
a small handful of men in the world who knows them

And, it’s EASIER to Knock Him Out If He’s BIGGER Than You!

How? By using Primal Pressure Point Knockouts!

Look. We didn’t invent pressure points, every human was born with them on their bodies.

We just know precisely where they are, and how to easily hit them HARD for an instant knockout!!

So, the bigger the attacker the better – they’re easier to see and hit!

In the new Primal Fighting Secrets home study course, you’ll also learn…

• A complete system for KILLER INSTINCT Development

• “Blind-Spot” Striking: He’ll Never Know What Hit Him! (until it’s too late…)

• Over half of every attack involves THIS one thing – and trainers don’t teach it!

• The WRONG way to defend against a HAYMAKER that most trainers teach… and it doesn’t work!

• How to prevent being KNOCKED OUT

• How to be a small target (against a BIG GUY)

• The Secret “power-drive” technique

• On DVD 1 at 10:01 you get the secret of victory in any fight

• How To Bleed them to DEATH in 20 seconds (WARNING: For Academic Study Only)

• 4 invisible BODY-SLAMS – send them crashing to the ground, already broken!

• How to Make Your Attacker FEAR YOU with a single glance (real-world technique)

• The most PAINFUL Pressure Points on the Human Body (and how to strike them precisely)

• How to Escape The Guillotine (not taught at BJJ schools)

• 3 Ways to Stop a Groundfighter (you will be the only one getting back up)

• 4 “Ball-Crusher” Tactics that will smash him like an egg with a sledgehammer

• How to BLIND your attacker…. he can’t hurt what he can’t see!

• Put them to SLEEP with “Pressure Chokes”

• Quick-Kill Boxing Fundamentals

• 7 Speed-Submission Joint-Locks… so you don’t have to kill him!

• Lightning-Fast Knife and Gun disarms from ANY position!

And much, much more…

Look, I can easily write another 27 pages highlighting what’s in these new DVDs. This is a sweet tactical goldmine you’ll absolutely LOVE and watch over and over again – learning something new each time you do!

There’s nothing like having the Confidence of a Primal Fighter.

It’s the kind of confidence that radiates natural, primal power.

It makes men fear you, and women want you.

Yes, for Real.

The all-new Primal Fighting Secrets 10-DVD set will be released to the public on October 5th and retail for 497.00, but if you order before then you get it for 297.00 – that’s a 200.00 discount!

Here’s the amazing DVDs you get from Russell Stutely right to your door..

Bad-Guy Beatdown 2-DVD set, Open Circle Fighting Method, Areas of Attack, and Fight-Stoppers! And you get Scott Bolan’s 5-DVD Primal Fighting set and the KILLER INSTINCT CD!

Plus, Scott and Russell are giving the first 40 people who order $2400.00 in FREE Bonuses… First, you get Russell’s 5 DVDs for instant download… and you also get these RARE, POWERFUL and CONFIDENTIAL Materials for immediate download…

The Lethal Encyclopedia (every killing move, every target)

The Close Combat Bible (the ultimate resource!)

The Knife Throwing Secrets Manual

The Pressure Points Database (The exact roadmap of every Pressure Point on the Human Body! YOU GET the name location of each Pressure Point, Exactly How to Strike each Pressure Point, and the effect it can cause on your attacker! )

The Pressure Points Spreadsheet (Gives You Quick and Easy Access to the Most Important Aspects of Pressure Point Fighting)

Your Personal Combatives Assessment – directly with The World’s #1 Pressure Points Authority himself – Master Russell Stutely! (You will be able to ask ANY question about Martial Arts & Combatives, and Russell will personally assess your skills via video/Skype and give you an exact plan to get where you need to be!) Russell’s time is in high demand from Law Enforcement, Special Forces and Martial Arts Instructors. His Private Combatives Assessment Consulting is normally 500.00 – you get it FREE!!

That my friend, is a Killer Deal!

The Bonuses alone would be more than worth it, and when you add 10-DVD Primal Fighting Secrets to your knowledge arsenal, you can easily become unstoppable!

Don’t fool around and miss out. The guys are letting me offer the 200.00 discount only until October 5th, so make a smart move and invest in your self right now.

Worldwide Shipping is FREE, but you must be one of the first 40 people to get the Free Bonuses, so order right now!